Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Feri Friday success!

Our very first FERI FRIDAY ... what an amazing success. We had 14 very interested participants, all circled around a 'Moon Pool' I made in the center of the Great Grove. The weather was gentle and comfortable, so the fire pot served as the base for the Moon Pool. Everyone arrived nicely before our start time, seven o'clock, and registration and seating arrangements in the Grove went smoothly. The Grove looked spectacular lit with fairy lights and torches.

Dominic started us off with a basic introduction to Trance- possession, with many anecdotes from his personal experiences, some charming and funny, others more than a bit unsettling. He gave us all very wonderful descriptions of White Mari, Green Mari and Red Mari, making it very clear that we would be working with White Mari this night, She of the Loving and Generous Heart (my personal interpretation). We moved into a very productive question and answer session and then took a 15 minute break, after we had arranged for many of the FireDrake Feri students to Cast and Call. The FireDrake Feri students did a fabulous job Casting and Calling the Elements and after a Welcome cup, Dominic lead us in a terribly moving chant to draw White Mari into us. We all learned the chant while we chanted and it seemed to grow up from the ground and down from the moon until we felt surrounded in Mari's light. And we kept chanting, in unison now, standing around a Moon Pool feeling the moon come into us. Magick Works! Our feast was comprised of dark, red Merlot, sparkling champagne, clear sweet water, dark chocolates and raspberries. The Circle was opened and many folk stayed a bit longer as the Full Moon at last became visible at the gate, filling the yard with Her splendor!

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